PEP Intermedius is a network of cash merchants that serves as the bridge for unbanked customers and the financial system.

What is PEP Intermedius?

In Kenya’s rapidly evolving mobile banking market, there is a strong need for an innovative, cost effective retail network for financial services aimed at the bottom of the pyramid.

For the nearly ninety percent of Kenyans with no access to mainstream banking services, PEP Intermedius represents the front-line human face for an operator’s service. And it is the channel through which product awareness is built and millions of people are educated and registered.

What we do

In a mobile banking environment, where some customers deposit their money and transfer it to ‘e-float’ while others withdraw cash, the role of the cash merchant, or agent, is crucial. In cities, where most transactions involve deposits, cash merchants risk running out of ‘e-float’. Meanwhile, merchants in rural areas face the opposite problem: they accumulate ‘e-float’ and risk running out of cash. The system therefore relies on intermediaries like PEP Intermedius to provide agents with enough liquidity to enable them to perform all required transactions. PEP Intermedius has its own distribution network, which allows it’s branded agents to collect or deposit money as the see fit. PEP Intermedius is actively bridging the gap between millions of unbanked, low-income people and the financial system by providing a safe, secure and low cost connection.