PEP Intermedius is a network of cash merchants that serves as the bridge for unbanked customers and the financial system.


Key PEP data

  • 15,000 transactions per day
  • $26 average transaction size
  • 60 PEP staff employed
  • 280 people indirectly employed
  • 10 international transactions per day
  • 100 loans (to cash merchants)

As of early 2012, PEP operates two networks with a total of 36 own agents and 140 franchise  agents. Those networks comprise the in-house stores in Nakumatt Supermarkets (29) and the network in western Kenya (147).

De Nakumatt stores  are located in Nairobi (16) as well as several rural areas elsewhere (13). The network in western Kenya includes 31 money merchants in urban areas and 116 in rural locations.

The franchise merchants in PEP’s networks are primarily found in rural west Kenya. All the merchants affiliated with Nakumatt’s successful in-store concept are owned by PEP Intermedius and are trained and staffed by us.

(1) (100 Kenyan shillings = $ USD 1.16) (rate on 01-05-2012)

By the end of 2011, we had rolled out our mobile payment services in all 30 Nakumatt supermarkets, covering the whole of Kenya from Kisumu to Mombasa!

In addition to expanding the network, we have also increased the number of services we now offer. Most notably, our leading upcountry agents are now official banking agents for Kenya’s largest retail bank, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), which enables us to take financial services to the rural unbanked. This network will grow further in the course of 2012.

Since 2010, PEP has also become a payment distributor in Kenya for, a licensed online remittance service whose customers are able to create transactions online for international money transfers.

These new initiatives are helping us to consolidate and strengthen our leading position as Kenya’s main cash distribution network with the ultimate aim of enhancing the welfare of those who have been excluded from, or have had limited access to, financial services providers.


Our short-term ambitions:

+ Grow the number of financial services. PEP’s ambition is to become the most important interface between banks/financial institutions and customers for a broad range of services.

+ Grow the number of agencies in 2012, particularly the ‘in-house’ shops modeled after the example of the Nakumatt supermarkets, which made a significant contribution to the growth figures in 2011.

+ Continuous improvement of core competences. PEP intends to strengthen its appeal as the channel management provider of choice for producers of financial services and products. It will achieve this by further investing in training and systems strengthening for front-end staff, and by increasing the use of Technology and IT for back-office support.

+ Continue to build market share. The economics of service provision are largely driven by economies of scale. In Kenya, the front-end service providers market is highly fragmented. PEP will focus on expansion and strategic alliances with existing and new partners.

 + Building brand loyalty. PEP has the ambition to further expand its branding by building a distinctive position as a safe, trustworthy and reliable service provider in the marketplace.